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Price: £87.96 inc VAT (£73.30 ex vat)

Part Number: HIT161305


The innovative HiT clutch From DR PULLEY makes use of the engines driving torque not just by centrifugal force alone a combination that places this product on the the high end of any performance clutch system.

Made from two interlocking movableing parts that act like a cam wedge behind the throw out shoes as the power is applied.

The HiT clutch is made from high quality materials and CNC manufactured components, its main purpose is to provide a slip free power transfer, reduced friction temperatures, and improved acceleration cycle achieved by offering upto 30% more shoe pressure against the clutch drum.

All this by using a cleverly devised sliding/wedge system to create additional pressure that combines both torque and centrifugal energy as opposed to the average clutch system which relies on centrifugal force alone. The greater the power/torque levels the greater the pressure for the sliding/wedge to exert on the surface of the clutch shoes, which means saving performance energy that would otherwise be lost.

The other big advantage is this clutch will not disengage prematurely on descending revs (E.G. low speed turns) unsettling the scooter during cornering a condition normally associated with other high RPM delayed engagement springs/ and clutch combinations.

Most other clutches start to slip when they reach certain rpm's or speeds Not with th is baby the 107mm HiT clutch was the only clutch we found to tame high revving power output of our 94cc twist and go speedfight challenge machine... no other clutch would allow such high RPM engagement without slipping or failing after several dyno runs.a testament to this great innovative design.

Included in kit : 2 shoe racing clutch assembly , 3x TQ spring nylon slider (with 2 spares), 3x optional clutch spring kits

3x optional sets of pillow springs in order to achieve optimal adjustment,

1x set-up guide/ instructions included.

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