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Price: £215.96 inc VAT (£179.97 ex vat)

Part Number: sc0021

Location: tons

Scomadi outboard shocks developed by PM Tuning and Scooter Innovation for the Series 5 and now used as OEM equipment on the flagship Scomadi 300TL

Manufactured using the latest aero space alloys, CNC production processes and finished with a durable anodised coating for a long term protection from the elements.

The shock is based on a internal floating piston to separate oil and gas functions, with a host of adjustment features to suit all applications for basic road use to race track performance.

Eye to eye length 250mm with12mm rubber void bush mountings.

See our web site for a full range upgraded parts to facilitate the fitting of these shocks

Parts include Scomadi links, pivot bush kit using stainless parts, lower and upper mounting kits suitable for single or double disc conversions, we also offer a upper mounting weld on service for all our Scomadi forks.

Advantages all the way...

Fitting outboard shocks to lambretta forks allows you to remove all the internals... springs, guide rods, rubber buffers, etc. putting the suspension on the outside of the forks where they can be quickly and effectively adjusted without having to tear down the forks.

The benefits are clear when the following points are considered...

• Wider stance for better fork link/wheel stability during cornering and braking resulting a positive feel in handling.

• Air assisted Compression adjustment 50 to 110psi range

• Slow to Fast rebound adjustment via screw adjustment 15 clicks

• Spring preload using pinch ring nut. (80lbs spring)

• In built rebound and bottoming rubber buffers

• Integrated spring and rebound damper fully serviceable.

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